Resources Advocacy Initiative.

Reach to Each.  


RESOURCES ADVOCACY INITIATIVE (RAI) is a national, empowerment  and an independent Non-governmental Organization (NGO) which works with communities in Tanzania to influence pro-poor policies by ensuring full participation of citizens in governance.

Our mission is  to improve the lives of the underpriviledged poor communities by enhancing social economic justice, gender equality, social services delivery, good governance and human rights.  


  • Public Resources Management.(Public Finance and Natural Resources).
  • Social Services Delivery. (Health, Water and Education).
  • Social Justice.(Human Rights, Peace and Good governance).
  Core Objectives. 
RAI works to ensure that;
  • The public resources are prudently utilized and fairly allocated to reduce poverty, and to promote the standard of living of the poor people in the community.
  • The citizens, media and civil societies are truly informed, empowered and fully participate  in developing of the poor communities..
  • Social services are available, accessible and affordable and inclusive for all in the community.
  • There is fully transparency, accountability, responsiveness and participation in governance and decision making.
  • The budget and public finance policies are open and incorporates the concerns of the poor people in the community.
  • The environment is highly protected for sustainable human livelihood.
  • RAI becomes an active organization to empower and influence citizens and civil societies to advocate for successful implementation of pro-poor policies and strategies in governance.