Resources Advocacy Initiative.

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Resources Advocacy Initiative
 is a national, empowement and an Independent  Non governmental Organization (NGO) which was found in 2013 and becomes registered in 2015. RAI commits  to promote and advocate for pro-poor policies and strategies by  influencing poverty-focused policies, monitor social services delivery and social justice to ensure prudent, accountable and transparent in public resources generation and utilization in Tanzania.

RAI is envisioned to have a prosperous nation with equitable development and high quality of life of the people.

RAI works to promote and advocate for pro-poor policies and full participation of poor and marginalized groups in influencing poverty-focused policies, demand for their rights and monitor services delivery to ensure prudent, accountable and transparent resources generation and utilization.

Governance and Administration.

General Assembly.
This is the highest and the supreme organ of decision making of the organization. The General Assembly elects the Executive Committee, approves new members to the organization and has the last decision on the legitimacy of the organization, constitutional affairs, policy formulation, laws and principles and resources of the organization.

Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee is the governing organ of the organization responsible for human resources management, resources generation and program implementation management.

Dr. Renatus Masanja
Juma K. Wadosha

Edison Mukanga.
Specioza Joakim.
Masule Dioniz.
Doroth Timanywa.
Shukrani Said.
Oyalo Nditi.
Doroth Eliazari

Alumni Secretariat.
The Alumni Secretariat is an organ of day to day functions of the organization . It works to ensure that, the resources allocated in different programs and projects are truly used in accordance to the purposes and objectives aimed.

Juma K.Wadosha
Executive Director
Mhoja Ndauli Lutandula
Program Manager.

Specioza Zephania
Project Coordinator.

Selina Jonathan

Zuhura Abubakar
Office Secretary.

Pius Madaha