Resources Advocacy Initiative.

Reach to Each.  

Become a "Friend of Resources".
Friends of Resources (FoR) is a citizen-centered movement of committed individuals and organizations who actively engage in the protection of public resources, and who fights to eliminate corruption, bribe and misuse of public resources for private gain in favor of the poor in the community.

Support our Programs.
You can be a part of RAI activities by supporting the organization capabilities, by donating materials such as Computers, Printers, Laptops and other office equipment, or funding our projects and programmes.

Become a "Volunteer".
RAI accepts volunteering activities time to time for local and international individuals who commit to develop the vision, mission and objectives of the organization.

Spread the Organization.
You can help us to tell others about this organization and how works to change the lives of the majority poor men, women, children and youth in Tanzania.

You can be a joint partner of RAI by working together for the common interests and goals. We most encourage organizations such as CBOs and NGOs rather than individuals to get partnered.