Resources Advocacy Initiative.

Reach to Each.  

Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development (TCDD)
TCDD is a coalition of non-governmental organizations
working to campaign for sustainable foreign and domestic official debt and effectiveness civil society involvement in the formulation and monitoring of government policies that impact upon the lives of poor people.                 

International Budget Partnership (IBP)
IBP is an international organization that collaborates
with civil society around the world to analyze and influence public budget in order to reduce poverty and improve the quality of governance.        

Tanzania Development Partnership Group (TZDPG).
TZDPG works to promote national ownership and government leadership in development cooperation through joint actions that seeks to enhance the impact of development effectiveness.                
Tanzania Poverty Monitoring Strategy.
TPMS is the government strategy under the ministry of finance in Tanzania that works to coordinate and monitor poverty trends in Tanzania. 

Policy Research for Development (REPOA).
REPOA is an independent institution in Tanzania specializing in policy research on social economic and development issues.  
Policy Forum (PF).
PF is a forum of more than 100 non-governmental organizations working in Tanzania to advocate for the implementation of workable policies which supports and changes the lives of the poor people in the community.