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Human trafficking is SLAVERY!
Human Trafficking has been a common practices almost all the world today. The issue is more tense in poor countries where poor people and in particular the youth are taken from their homes to other places for the promise of an employment, marriage, scholarship and so on. Once they reach to the desired destination, the victims are seriously being tourtured, violated, raped and some are killed!
The social problems encountering families in poor developing countries like poverty, massive unemployment, gender violation, divorce, and other family conflicts signifies the extension of this mordern slavery.
Tanzania seems to be a route way of victims traped in Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea. Victims in numbers are being captured by the immigration officers and other security officers trying to escape to South Africa.
Our Anti-trafficking program works to intercept the victims before they reach the destination.
We technically print posters and paint messages on open walls to help public inform us and the security officers, including of the immigration officers through text messages and mobile calls. Our staff members use to visit the bus stations, airports, local habours, fake borders where the victims are passed to and intercept them before they reach the destination.
We invite the public and other partners to help us by providing information regarding human trafficking activities in their community through by SMS,Phone Call, or WhatsApp by using the following number: +255(0)767065436.